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Projekt "Margie" Sponsoren

Von diesen Firmen oder Privatpersonen stammt das Geld  für das Sponsoring Margie:

Herr Karl-Heinz SchmitzHerr Wilfried Silberstein
Frau Erika KellerFam. Helmut/Marianne Marschhause
Frau Diana Kormann
Herr Holger Barg
Herr Gino Keller

Juli 2014 ein paar Zeilen von Margie:

This is Margie Moriones and now studying in two months already. first day of my schooling is really challenging because i still adjusting my schedule and also since it was my first day i still need to find my classroom. Until the days had past i already know where my classroom is and i have many friends of different college department. While i am studying i become a ROTC officer in Foundation University College. Being part of this is also helpful to a students who are willing to be discipline of themselves.  It helps develop students self confident and to be a good leader not only in the school but also they can apply it wherever they go. And i am thankful of my sponsors that you help me experience to be a college student and helping me to finish schooling, however i wont be able to experience this without your help. My study is fine, Gino reminding me that i should always give my 100% best so i can reach the target. And i'm doing my best so i can reach it.
Thank you very much!
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