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August 2018 ein paar Zeilen von Eden:
Hi Good day Ma'am/ Sir,
First of all I want to introduce myself. I'm Geraldine Camino living in Philippines covered by the city of Negros Oriental. Currently I'm working with massage home service. I learned to do a massage as I work as a receptionist in a SPA and now I continue to be a massage therapist.
I would like to learn more about massage more ideas and techniqus. I want to learn more because I want to help people who's in sick..
And thank to my regular client Sir Gino because he helped me to be a part of Centre of Excellence (COE) to learn more. I would like to have a certificate related of my job and I will do my best I can to passed the examination. It is very helpful to have a course certificate with your skills and then maybe one day I want to have my own SPA massage business..
That's my purpose why I want to study in your course. More power and Thank you.
Thank you very much!
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